Myths about OA

It can only get worse from here

Research shows that people who have OA can greatly improve the health and function of their joint. They can also improve how they feel, and what they are able to do. Not all OA gets worse over time.

My pain tells me how damaged my joint is

Pain levels and joint changes often relate poorly to each other. No two people are the same. Pain is influenced by much more than just your knee.

I've worn out my joint

Some cartilage loss is one part of OA, but this loss is not simply due to using the joint. What’s more, pain or noises such as grinding are due to many factors other than cartilage and bones. Using your joint is the best thing you can do for it.

I’d better be careful so I don’t wear out my knee

Being careful stops you from using the knee normally. Being careful can also stop you from doing many things you enjoy, or stop you from enjoying the things you do. Movement (not rest) helps the knee to stay healthy.

OA always gets worse with age

Research shows that OA can stay the same over long periods of time and symptoms can improve.

Having OA means I will need a joint replacement

Joint replacement is one option for some people with OA. You can do things that will decrease your chances of needing surgery. Only a small portion of people with OA need surgery.