Pain information

These websites help you to learn more about pain and how to manage it

Pain Trainer


Pain Trainer is an interactive, online program based on scientific research that teaches you effective strategies to manage your pain.

Pain Health


Pain Health shares stories from people living with pain and what they have learnt about living well.

Arthritis Information

Arthritis New Zealand


Arthritis New Zealand has information and support for people with all forms of arthritis. They can also be contact on 0800 663 463 or email: info@arthritis.org.nz

Joint Action


Information and online resources that can help with exercise, nutrition, mood, sleep, pain, and wegith management.

Community activity groups

These are websites where you can find groups in your community that may share similar interests to you.


WellConnectedNZ has an interarctive map of interest and activity based groups around Canterbury.

Live Stronger for Longer


Live Stronger for Longer helps you to find a strength and balance class near you

Sleep Information

Health Navigator


Health Navigator has information about sleep, things that disrupt it, and tips for improving it. You'll also find links to free apps to help with sleep problems.

Articles about osteoarthritis

The Conversation

In this article a world leading researcher discusses exercising when you have osteoarthritis


In this article a world leading researcher discusses surgery for knee pain


The New York Times

This article is about how running may be good for osteoarthritis

https://www.nytimes.com/2019/12/11/well/move/marathon-running-may-be-good-for-your-knees.html and https://bmjopensem.bmj.com/content/5/1/e000586