Hei whakarāpopoto


  • Knee osteoarthritis is common, but this does not mean that you should not seek help. By forming a good plan, you can improve your well-being now and in the future.
  • Changes in knee cartilage happen slowly over a long period of time. You will not damage your knee by using and moving it.
  • Pain is an early warning signal to protect you. It does not tell you how bad your joint is. Your knee pain can increase without your knee being harmed.
  • Knee pain is influenced by all sorts of things, and the knee itself is only one of these.
  • Knee pain does not mean you should stop movement or activity.
  • The best thing you can do for your knee and your health is to stay active and take part in things that are important to you.
  • Keep being you - osteoarthritis is part of your life but it does not need to define you.

Dr Thorlene Egerton from the Centre for Health, Exercise & Sports Medicine at the University of Melbourne has produced a 12 minute information video about knee osteoarthritis.