Physical Activity

Do activities you enjoy to get the most out of them. You can walk, dance, run, swim, cycle, do waka ama, kapa haka, tai chi, or play

bowls or golf.

While doing these activities, focus on what you are doing, rather than trying to protect your knee.

You may have heard that some activities (such as running) are bad for the knee and may cause or worsen OA. Recent research has shown this is not the case.

It is okay to feel some pain with activity.

If you have pain that lasts after activity, it does not mean the activity is bad. Instead, it may mean that you want to start more slowly. Activity works best when you do it regularly. You can read more about pain with exercise at The Conversation.

The stronger your muscles, the better your knee will work and feel. Muscles can be trained with exercises you can do at home or in the gym. Ask a physio if you need advice.

“Good for the knee, and for me. No such thing as ‘just for the knee’.”