Knee osteoarthritis (OA) can affect your life and well-being. This website explains things you can do to reduce OA’s impact. It has three sections:

UNDERSTAND: The more you know about osteoarthritis, the better you can manage it. There are myths that can be unhelpful and x-rays can be concerning. Pain is a big part of knee OA and noises are common.

LIVE: You can live well with knee OA, especially if you move, take part in activity, and work on your whole health.

SUPPORT: There are many options and a number of ways that you can get help. Places where you can get help are listed here.


You can change your OA for the better. By taking action now, you can change the future rather than waiting for it to happen.

“By doing what I do today, I’ll create a better outcome for further down the path.”
SUSAN, 60 YEARs OLD, knee pain for 2 years

things you can do now to help your knee problem include:

  • take part in regular physical activity.
  • use your knee and strengthen your muscles.
  • LIVE a healthy LIFESTYLE.
People with OA sometimes feel they must deal with it quietly, all on their own. It is a good idea to seek help to manage your knee OA and reduce its impact on your life. Links to places where you can access support are available here.
“I feel more optimistic knowing that there is a whole group of people out there who have a whole lot of expertise in osteoarthritis… and that if I ask for help and advice, it’s
MARY, 71 YEARs OLD, knee pain for 15 years